FASHION & BEAUTY photographer Oleg Kosyniuk , Kiev / Ukraine , Berlin / Germany , Paris / France

Это здорово январь'2014

Education: Institute of Communications, Institute of International Relations, Institute of Management and Business

Activities and Work : Self employed in the field of photography , urban photography school lecturer, author of a series of workshops on the techniques of FASHION and BEAUTY shooting , as well as the technical operation of studio lighting equipment. Has experience director photo studio.
Experience with graphics software Photoshop & Lightroom, as well as teaching them in school of photography.

Personal website : oregu.info
Experience in the field of photography : over 6 years
Teaching experience : over 4 years
Experience with glossy magazines and online magazines
Worked with representatives of Ukrainian showbiz , singers
Author of articles and blogs about photography
Copyright universal tests on the basics of digital photography for beginning photographers

Major genres taken:
Landscape Photography , shooting events


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