Ukrainian photomodel Zamalina by fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk

Zamalina is a pseudonym (pen name or stage name) of the Ukrainian photomodel Alina Tkachuk. Ukrainian photomodel spend premium part of her time travelling over the Europe (Italy). Fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk invited Alina to take part in the photo project “Beautiful people of Ukraine”.
That’s not easiy to dwelt your choice on some photomodel when plenty of beautiful girls and fellows lives in Ukraine. Charisma and good physical data of Alina helped fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk to be determined with his choice. A survey(pick-up) continued several days and was conducted in various photos studios of Kyiv. The most important task for the survey team was to unlock artistic talent and charm of Alina personality, sticking that upon the eye of the camera.
The height of Alina is a 172 cm, but she is very popular among the European and Ukrainian model agencies. Huge part of the spare time Alina devotes to fitness and yoga. Own philosophy, cheerful outlook on life and individual opinion help young Ukrainian photomodel to follow right direction for development.
Look at the beautiful and magic world of bright and vivid person under the prism of camera lens together with Oleg Kosyniuk.

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