Photo session and poetry of senses is a new project from a fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk

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At the end of previous week Kiev fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk created series of new art photos with participation of marvelous l Lesya Shevchuk. Unique and astonishing works, based on the fine line of feelings, appear to be born in the world of endless creation. These senses are reflected in the regard, emotions and poses. « Where you can fish that huge range of ideas for creation? You need to dive in the Ocean of feeling and feel, – Oleg Kosyniuk advices to the students at art school.
On the list of interests Lesya Shevchuk have writing of articles and sketches. She transfers emotions and moods of her surrounding. Every her article contains different social characters who lives between lines and shows deep Universe of inner individual being. She recommends for reader to observe and research the sphere of people behavior from a different angle. When creative people unite their enthusiasm, imagination and extraordinary ideas – that may be powerful weapon and very often team-working result surpasses every expectations. Gorgeous, exquisite and charming, ambitious and deeply sensuous – hardly that’s possible to express complete description of the best qualities of Lesya multistage personality. In his photo pictures Oleg Kosinyuk made an effort to unlock a secret door of young poetess inner world and find the key of her life history in her eyes.
Admire with a pleasure new common photo compositions from Oleg Kosyniuk and Lesya Shevchuk

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