The Crimean peninsula – as part of Ukraine

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The Crimean peninsula – one of the most beautiful areas of the Black Sea. Here it is possible to see a variety of rare plants and birds. On the highlands of the Southern coast of Crimea extend vineyards. Surprisingly large number of beautiful places in the Crimea. The most visited resort towns of the Crimean peninsula are Yalta, Alushta, Alupka, Evpatoria, Sudak.
Our photo shooting team in 2013 was able to visit the most beautiful places in the Crimea. Very sad that had occupied the peninsula in 2014 by the Russian military, which is largely due to the instability in the region and further complicate the trip to the Crimea.
People across Ukraine believe that the Crimean peninsula is part of Ukraine, and held at gunpoint referendum illegal.
Viewers offer see some wonderful photos taken by Oleg Kosyniuk.

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