“Closer to the heaven” – photoset by fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk

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walking through as well.
To high girls Liza Mokhort and Katya Strelkova took a part at the new photo project “Closer to the sky ”. It a set of black/white picture by Oleg Kosyniuk wit using the rigid light source that shaped the models.
The graceful and forceful at the same time – the main feature of the models. Katya and Liza are university students and European models at the same time. They have to provide a big sport activity to look eye for their bodies to get profitable contracts.
Liza – is a lower in the neares future and looking forward to get a good job at some famous consulting company. Katya is learning PC programming and also interested in fashion design.
The Ukrainian models Liza and Katya has very wide personal interests and taking their parts at the different fashion project very successful. Their opinion is very strong and non-doubt: to keep your aim & to be “closer to the sky ” not just by heights but also as models career as well.

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