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MAKES 3DLUTs with EASE Software for professional color correction

3D LUT Creator is the latest program with unique tools for professional color grading of digital images and video and creating 3DLUT-files that can be imported into many programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, FinalCut Pro.Color correction in 3D LUT Creator was made by bending grid tied […]

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Об истории бренда Vogue

Создание стиля и модные тенденции всегда вдохновляли женщин. Стоит ли удивляться, что издания, посвященные моде, впервые появились в Европе еще в 17 веке. В начале эры модных изданий значительную роль сыграл знаменитый культовый журнал Vogue, впервые изданный в 1892 году в Нью-Йорке. Интересно, что в истоках, Vogue выступал еженедельником для […]

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Курс студийной фотографии в г.Кременчуг

Студия White Cat / г. Кременчуг, Студия 3.0.2, совместно с информационным фото порталом OREGU.INFO проводит дополнительный набор на Курс студийной фотографии, для жителей г.Кременчуга, г.Светловодска, г.Комсомольска, г.Александрии с занятиями в городе КременчугПРОДОЛЖИТЕЛЬНОСТЬ КУРСА – 3 НЕДЕЛИ 3 ЗАНЯТИЯ (понедельник) по основным рубрикам:1. Источники студийного света, классификация, характеристики (на примере HANSEL);2. Световые насадки на источники импульсного света, […]

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Ein neues Gesicht der ukrainischen Modeindustrie — Model Hellen Alleng

Fashion, Fotografen, Hellen, Alleng, Fotoshooting, фэшн, фотограф, украина, Косинюк, oregu, oleg, Kosyniuk, Kiew, ukrainische, Schönheit, Modelkarriere

Die ukrainische Schönheit Hellen Alleng begann ihre Modelkarriere ganz vor kurzem. Eines der Start-ups war ein Fotoshooting von dem Fashion — Fotografen Oleg Kosyniuk aus Kiew.Sie liebt Kinder und will, damit ihre Familie sehr glücklich sein wird. Die Deutschkenntnisse helfen dem ukrainischen Mädchen, geselliger zu sein und die Nachrichten aus […]

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Two photos of the day with Hellen Alleng from fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk

Hellen, Alleng, fashion, photographer, Oleg, Kosyniuk

The new summer series with the participation of Ukrainian Model Hellen Alleng. Photographer of the project is, as always, fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk. Take a look at two new photos of the day with beautiful Hellen Alleng.  Две фото дня при с участием Елены А. от фэшн фотографа Олега КосинюкаНовая летняя фотосессия […]

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Photo session and poetry of senses is a new project from a fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk

Kosyniuk, Shevchuk, Lesya, poetry, fashion, photographer, marvelous, participation, photos, feelings, emotions, poses

At the end of previous week Kiev fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk created series of new art photos with participation of marvelous l Lesya Shevchuk. Unique and astonishing works, based on the fine line of feelings, appear to be born in the world of endless creation. These senses are reflected in […]

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“Closer to the heaven” – photoset by fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk

Fashion, photographer, models, Liza, Mokhort, Katya, Strelkova, Closer, heaven, picture, podium

When your glance runs to the sky, it is possible to amaze not only the sun but also sunshine models walking on the podium. Two slender and graceful beauties Liza Mokhort and Katya Streltsova took part in the summer foto project «Closer to the heaven». Series of monochromatic ( Black-n-White […]

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Ukrainian photomodel Zamalina by fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk

Zamalina is a pseudonym (pen name or stage name) of the Ukrainian photomodel Alina Tkachuk. Ukrainian photomodel spend premium part of her time travelling over the Europe (Italy). Fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk invited Alina to take part in the photo project «Beautiful people of Ukraine».That’s not easiy to dwelt your […]

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Two photos of day with participation Lesya Shevchuk by fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk

The creative team of producing studio 12/20 leading by fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk were involved with the «Hollywood» smile of the Ukrainian photomodel Lesya Shevcuk. Lesya is the author of psychological articles, middles and outsights from her own life. Many readers of her works were unaware that Lesya was also […]

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Ukrainian model Sofia Kovalchuk in the summer series by Oleg Kosyniuk

Sofia, Kovalchuk, photographer, fashion, model, photography, София, Ковальчук, Kosyniuk

Summerly photo project from fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk was conducted at the beginning of this week. Ukrainian model Sofia Kovalchuk took part in preparation of new summer selection of contrasting pictures. Delicate and sharp forms of face, blue eyes and wonderful hair were crucial in a model’s choice for a […]

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