Svetlana Dushchenko – «Ukrainian Sandra Bullock», photography by Oleg Kosyniuk

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The heroine of our next story is Ukrainian model and actress Svetlana Dushchenko. Her image is often compared with the image of the famous American actress Sandra Bullock. In her young age Svetlana has extensive experience in modeling photo market. She works in a marriage agency and regularly involved in the shooting movies.
Full lips, big eyes and long hair is a natural feature of Ukrainian beauty model.
Work with professional models easily. Svetlana Dushchenko had several joint photo projects together with Kiev fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk. The main goal – to emphasize the natural beauty of the model and a charismatic personality.
Today Svetlana works with one of the leading agencies in Turkey.
Develops a new direction – Management Agency for marriage. Now, its mission has expanded. It helps girls and boys to become professional models and create a happy family.
Svetlana wished girls and guys who start modeling career: “The best thing to a modeling career – it’s tenacity and perseverance. It is these two qualities help in difficult working conditions ”

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